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How does it work?

Every day of our lives we experience the expected and the unexpected. Our brain uses these experiences to make predictions in order to perceive threat and facilitate the body’s optimal performance.

A successfully processed experience, whether it be the expected or unexpected, can help us move forward with our lives in a positive and productive manner. On the other hand, that which is left unprocessed will shape our view of the world possibly causing our brains to make inaccurate predictions that may limit our thinking.

There is the premise that on average each of us hold 10-20 unprocessed memories, many of which come under the heading of “trauma.” Another foundational premise: To be human is to have experienced trauma. Trauma in the human experience is unavoidable.

Based on this and knowing that we do not see the world as it is, but as we are or as we have been conditioned to see it, we start to see the value of a) the desensitization associated with troubling past experiences, and b) reprocessing these memories so that they can be utilized in a positive and productive manner.

Keep in mind that whatever you do not deal with will at some point in time deal with you.
EMDR therapy, which is not talk therapy or psycho-analytical, is an eight-phase strategy that facilitates the brains natural inclination to heal itself.

View the video provided by EMDRIA (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association) to find out how this powerful tool can help you.

What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

John listens without judgment and offers life changing perspective. He has helped me develop a deeper, more loving and compassionate relationship with myself and continues to guide me on my journey.
Brooke Marriner
"After receiving coaching from John Purcell at Golden Heart Coaching I gained powerful insights on how to successfully navigate complex parenting and work situations.
John Morris
Director D+R INTL