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EMDR Clinician II
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Helping or the willingness to help does not come easy. Societies are often plagued by individuals looking for any opportunity to one up their neighbor. Nor is it common you encounter an individual who is the walking example of care and compassion. John Purcell’s life has been the embodiment of what it means to help. As the youngest of seven, John learned firsthand what it meant to protect those who were not yet able to protect themselves.

John’s formative years would eventually land him in Nome, Alaska as part of a teaching organization designed to help students from indigenous cultures succeed academically. He embraced and elevated the teacher role by co-creating a teen center geared toward helping juveniles with alcohol related offenses re-acclimate into society. John would later receive his Master’s in Education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks publishing a book along the way to be used by the school district to help further educate students on Fairbanks’ rich history.

A lifetime of teaching and helping has earned John numerous accolades which included national recognition by Parenting and Partners and Love & Logic Inc. for his coaching services. John is well studied in the field of “Language Acquisition in Young Children from a Neuro-linguistic Perspective” and has been given the opportunity to speak to fellow educators and parents on the topic.

Although John formally retired from education in 2016, he has not closed the door on his life’s calling. Relocating to the Pacific Northwest, John once again dove into his surroundings and often volunteered in the pantry of the Rose Haven Day Shelter for Women and Children, as well as, delivering meals and assisting with Section 8 housing needs for Pearl Church. John’s approach to coaching is propelled by care, as evidenced by his resume and supported by the testimonials of his clients.

When John is not coaching or volunteering, he enjoys the thrills of life with his lovely wife which include cycling, skate-skiing, hiking, reading and playing his guitar. He is the father of five, grandfather to eleven and will not hesitate to challenge you to a game of pickle ball.

Training & Experience

  • Newfield Network Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery
  • ICF Accredited
  • EMDR Clinician (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Certified Parenting Coach
  • 40 Years As A Professional Educator

The Value Coaching Can Bring

The liberty clients have experienced in the coaching relationship has been authentic, sustainable and amazing on many different levels. This is not an exclusive privilege of a select few, but an opportunity for all!  Why wait? Contact me today.

What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives for the better.

"John listens without judgment and offers life changing perspective. He has helped me develop a deeper, more loving and compassionate relationship with myself and continues to guide me on my journey."
Brooke Marriner
"The ongoing coaching I receive from John has had wonderful implications in my life. He does a magnificent job and I thoroughly enjoy each one of our sessions and take away many new learnings."
"John’s presence and deep listening as a coach helped me unpack and sort through my challenges that I would have otherwise felt too uncomfortable to deal with."
Sanae P.

Communication is healthy

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