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An Invitation To Coaching

A Personal Approach by John Purcell

You are probably asking yourself 

Do I Need

Do you feel something is missing? Are better outcomes a possibility? Would you like help discovering the answers to these questions?


Human potential, finding purpose and meaning in life and work, supporting parent-child relationships, and facilitating positive relationship and conflict resolution experiences is what I care about. Working as an educator and facilitator with many individuals and groups in a variety of setting, delivering professional development programs, and personal-skills classes, the people with whom I have worked have consistently reported finding new perspectives, increased self-awareness, and a transformation in their sense of what is possible. I bring this same purpose to my work as a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation.

I make a difference for my clients by helping them achieve their hoped-for future!

Why coaching, why now? I believe that you are a “whole” and capable individual, having achieved a sense of yourself in the dimensions of your personal life and/or as a professional in the workplace. Life may not be perfect, “Things” keep getting in the way. 

Though, as many adults, you may also find yourself wondering… 


  • Is this all there is? I’m ready to take a next step, but can’t seem to make it happen.
  • The changes in life are exciting. Can I get some help taking it to the next level?
  • Why does this stumbling block keep showing up in my life?
  • How can I fully contribute who I am to the world?
  • I know I have brilliance in me. How can I learn to better let myself shine?


 Coaching is a professional service that helps you move through these changes. If you are considering coaching, you may be wondering if you can find more balance, increase effectiveness, and clarity of purpose in your life. 



  • define your goals for change
  • deepen your understanding of yourself in relation to the things you care about
  • become aware of possibilities for change – and of what may be holding you back
  • design actions and practices that will move you toward your goals
  • hold yourself accountable on the path of change that you choose
  • create space for new possibilities that you desire to emerge

You Might Be Thinking

I am stuck. How do I get unstuck? I am in psychological pain and it is affecting me physically. Can you help me get relief? I am an anxious person. How do I move away from my anxiety? I don’t like where I am.  I don’t know where I want to be.  How do I achieve clarity? I am being driven by emotions . How can I more effectively manage my emotions? My personal life is negatively impacting me professionally. What can I do? My mother/father/elderly relative is showing signs of decline/dementia.  Can you help them and help me respond differently to them? I’ve been to several different therapists and my OCD is still ruining my life. Can you help? I have a short fuse and I can see the negative impact it is having personally and professionally. I am afraid of losing all that is important to me. Can you help? My child has come off the rails.  What do I do? I am ready for a career change but something is holding me back? Can you help me ? My employees don’t seem to be aligned with the companies mission. How do I move forward with everyone who wants to stay onboard? My employees are not as productive as I would like them to be?  How do I improve productivity? My employees are not happy/content.  How do I create a culture that will facilitate their happiness and the mission/goals of the company?

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Discover how awareness brings greater choices. When activated, a choice can reveal unending possibilities.


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